Happyaway.nl is a new player in the field of holiday rental. The site was developed under the guidance of a Dutch owner of a French house. The long experience of hiring and renting homes is hereby inserted.

The need for tenant are very easy to book with the administrative burden of both the tenant and the landlord limit a house. The site has initially a focus France but other countries will be added. The focus in the design and construction was on mobile. With a tablet or smart phone it should be possible to book a house. The beautiful landscape, French culture with the most delectable wines should be available to everyone is approachable philosophy.

The site currently has around 2000 houses in the database. Not all houses already have a rental calendar. Lacking this and want to rent the house you can by mail, send it to us then we will bring you in contact with the landlord. You send an email to info@happyaway.nl.

Benefits Tenants

Why should you as a potential tenant to reserve at happyaway.nl. The site is young modern with high ease of use are paramount. Questions we can quickly respond and we have easy contact with the landlords.

Happyaway.nl plays a mediating role with the landlords and tenants brings together. Do you have any comments about landlords or tips to improve the site, we try to implement the one with which we tip came abreast this rapidly.

The cost of happyaway.nl to tenants as low as possible. Happyaway.nl reckons per booking only requires a small contribution from the landlord that deals a year happyaway.nl.

Happyaway.nl trying to be where there is a good website can be offered at a low price as transparent as possible.


As a tenant, you see the following:

  • You can easily register one email address and password are required. Guaranteed no spam and addresses are not shared or distributed! If you register, you can store search profiles. You can save your favorite homes. You also have insight into your history, so you can see the houses recently visited the houses you've already booked through happyaway.nl
  • if you rent a house, you can easily make your data and that of your fellow tenants to fill. Do you have something to be readily available please fill in this later. Both the tenant and the landlord have this convenience.
  • happy away features an intricate database with a great list of features per property. Here you can easily search. The long list of features (such as barbecue available) is easily searchable by.

The site looks fine on a tablet or iPhone. The site had this fact as a starting point. This is different from an existing website to make a mobile version. The result in such a case less.

We strive to new functionality available to quarterly

House owners

We make it as easy as possible for you as owner. We have tried to pick up great sites your valuable information and then you only have one verjaarkalender need to add, then you can start with hiring. Obviously this does not apply if you are a new player in the vacation rental market. Although we might have picked you decide whether you are going to rent via happy away your information!

We are different from other websites. We offer unlimited number of photos at a unknown low annual amount. For only 35 Euro per year, you can offer your home away from happy. Or that not only cheap enough, we have a discount of 5 Euros if you make a new customer. This applies to a maximum 2 Customers. In other words it is possible for 25 Euros per year to offer on your home away happy.

We have compiled a comprehensive manual that You can find it here.

We have a very easy fillable rental calendar. With minimal actions you have completed your calendar. We have endeavored to reduce the administration load to a minimum,.

We have various types of rental not only weekly rentals. You can also work with weekends (Friday afternoon to Monday morning), midweek (Monday afternoon to Friday morning) and dagverhuur. If you only have one week's rental, you can also determine the changeover.

We do everything to get where you benefit from the advertising efforts findability.

You have a lot of text sections available to praise your house.

The bill for the tenant is automatically drawn that you can have it sent by mail or even change directly. This is dependent on your own preferences. You can change the characteristics of a house prices. Think of a linen package. You can prices per period, by Persoon, per day or per week. Overall a very flexible way of capturing options with their prices. One option may be for example sauna use. You either rent per period per week or so. The choice is yours.

Tenants can easily fill in their personal and do not 1 time to complete all. If anything is missing, this can be added later.

We strive to introduce payment via PayPal so you are sure of the rental revenue. This reduces the risk.

On this page you will find further details.

How to join

This is very simple you register then you can try after the year amount is due one month free. Then you do not pay the amount due, then you are not committed to anything. In that case, we can not delete data but notice you home as unpublished. This has the advantage that you can still get in later and not all data need to enter new.

We will send you by mail a month after the invoice amount due for the year in which you 2 weeks may pay.

It is not only Dutch but also attractive for by. Belgians and Windward Island landlords.

Homeowner's Guide

Each page has an explanation at the top. An important measure is to store information. If you keep right on top of the information will be sent to our servers and the information is stored.

Is something unclear please send an email to support@happyaway.nl We help you verder.Uiteraard we fit in that case, the help texts.

The photo is preferred landscape format.